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With Skilled Physicians Group

Seeking dedicated and passionate surgeons/physicians who want to deliver world class care!


We are a nation-wide mobile surgical practice, focused on skin, wound, and ostomy patient issues in nursing home settings. Since 2007, Skilled Physicians Group has been innovating mobile medicine delivery in the nursing facility.


Therefore, if you are seeking a new and exciting specialty in a hands-on bedside procedure-oriented practice, you should reply right now. This would set you up to become an expert in your field and highly advanced in your subspecialty.


We provide mentoring, professional guidance, covered advanced wound care and surgical training and on-boarding.

Our Company


  • You enjoy seeing 30-40 patients a day quickly and efficiently. 

  • You are able to perform bedside procedures with confidence. 

  • You are able to complete Electronic Medical Records with ease. 

  • You are comfortable driving beyond 1 hour from home to visit multiple facilities. ​

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Currently we are looking for a minimum of two full weekdays; however, full-time Monday through Friday physicians will receive priority consideration due to the magnitude of elderly care that's needed.

Los Angeles


Our home office is located in Los Angeles, California, but we have relationships with facilities all across the nation and are adding new locations every day. 

Benefits for SPG Physicians

We are looking for diligent physician warriors who love doing procedures. Work hard, play hard, that's the motto. And because of that, our job satisfaction rating is well over 90%! Just check out these benefits!

  • Free Weekends

  • Protected Time-Off

  • No Overnight Call

  • Full malpractice insurance

  • Equipment

  • 2 Fully covered weekend educational retreats per year with 16 hours of CME each

  • Work in Your Community

  • Yearly vacation bonus.

  • Yearly performance bonus based on healing and impact on patient lives.

  • Independent Contractor, Fee for Service Pay Model

  • Availability to speak to a dedicated tax adviser about benefits


Additional Benefits for

Full Time Commitment Candidates:

  • Earnings potential over $400,000 per year plus benefits

  • Health insurance 

  • 401k match 

  • Dental Insurance 

  • Leadership Opportunities with additional compensation

  • Fellowship Opportunities

  • Assistance with medical license

  • Salaried or Fee for Service Pay Model


We're able to offer you these benefits by transitioning you from hospitals and clinics over to long-term care facilities. Our practice specializes in consistently delivering exceptional wound care and unparalleled bedside procedures to patients in nursing homes.

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As we continue to fulfill our mission to touch and improve as many lives as possible, we know that we need the best and brightest in all specialties of healthcare to help us.

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Play Hard

Skilled Physicians Group prioritizes the work/life balance of physicians above profits. This is why our physicians enjoy weekends off and no on-call evening duties. Don’t get it wrong, our doctors work hard, but they also have a full and meaningful life as well. 


Currently, the average doctor is working 60+ hours a week inside of a hospital. The physicians at our practice work the exact amount of hours they want to make the exact amount of money they want, without any pressure to do more. 


Positions are open nationwide and we invite you to call to discuss specific geographical availability.


Are you tired of being trapped inside gray hospital walls, working impossible schedules, and always being on call?  Are you ready to have a life beyond work? 


Apply now to join our team today


Work Hard

We specialize in the nursing home setting. We can confidently say that these facilities allow for a richer medical experience for physicians. 


Most doctors who work at hospitals feel like the patients they see are just getting sicker, whereas in the nursing facility, doctors are able to see rapid results and build deep connections with patients.


We need help. The aging baby boomer population has skyrocketed demand for bedside experts and we have more business than we can handle. Patients need coordinated care today for wound care, psychiatry, medical care, and podiatry.


This is your opportunity to; learn from the best in the field, be trained in advanced SNF care services, to be at the cutting edge of this science and to bring advanced procedures to patients’ bedsides.  


Maybe you’re looking for the right specialty, maybe you love… really love performing surgical procedures.


Maybe you feel stalled out in your current position  


Maybe you’re looking for a new challenge, and a chance to feel like your work really matters. If so, apply to join our team now. ​

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The Ideal Candidate

Does integrity define your character? Does excellence define your actions? Does a caring heart define your personality? If so you’ll find a home here.


It is our goal to empower doctors to live up to the etymology of the word “Doctor”; which is “to teach.”  In this role, you will educate and empower nursing home staff to better understand and treat patients. 


Education and collaboration are at the core of our mission, and we know that working together always yields better results. Our physicians are caring, ethical, and conscientious practitioners who understand the importance of empowering a team and putting patient outcomes first.


Please do not apply if the reason you went to school was to get “Dr.” prefix or “M.D.” suffix  OR so you can have a large group of subordinates to bark orders to… you will not fit in here. We don’t care about your specialties and training background as much as we care about the compassionate nature in which you facilitate procedures. 


Our physicians are serious about the care they provide. We have a very unique culture and want caring, hard-working, and compassionate physicians. 


Young or old, if you have the talent and the drive, then we can craft the perfect career for you! Apply now. ​

Job Openings

Jobs are available nationwide. We invite you to contact us to discuss specific geographical availability. 

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Female Doctor
Smiling Nurse



(MD, DO, Psych NP)

open to a physician

assistant or nurse practitioner

Wound, Skin, & Ostomy Specialist

(MD, DO, PA)


(MD, DO, PA)


After you contact us, one of our Talent Acquisition teammates will contact you to discuss the position in its entirety. Our practice team of physicians will help train you in everything you need to know over the first few months of working with us. After that time we have CME approved activities to further train you in wound, skin and ostomy care. We also train physicians for SNFist, psychiatry, and podiatry. 


We provide many benefits including full malpractice coverage,  covered training and on-boarding, CME activities, vacation planning, and bonus, as well as many more great benefits. 


Help us achieve our mission of touching and improving as many lives as possible! 

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