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With Skilled Physicians Group

Seeking dedicated and passionate surgeons/physicians who want

to deliver world class care!



  • You enjoy seeing 30-40 patients a day quickly and efficiently. 

  • You are able to perform bedside procedures with confidence. 

  • You are able to complete Electronic Medical Records with ease. 

  • You are comfortable driving beyond 1 hour from home to visit multiple facilities. ​

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Currently we are looking for a minimum of two full weekdays; However, full-time Monday through Friday physicians will receive priority consideration due to the magnitude of elderly care that's needed.

Los Angeles


Our home office is located in Los Angeles, California, but we have relationships with facilities all across the nationwide and are adding new locations every day. 

Benefits for SPG Physicians

We are looking for diligent physician warriors who love doing procedures. Work hard, play hard, that's the Motto. And because of that, our job satisfaction rating is well over 90%! Just check out these benefits!

  • Free Weekends

  • Protected Time-Off

  • No Overnight Call

  • Full malpractice insurance

  • Equipment

  • 2 Fully covered weekend educational retreats per year with 22 hours of CME each

  • Work in Your Community

  • Yearly vacation bonus.

  • Yearly performance bonus based on healing and impact on patient lives.

  • Independent Contractor, Fee for Service Pay Model

  • Availability to speak to a dedicated tax adviser about benefits

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Additional Benefits for

Full Time Commitment Candidates:

  • Earnings potential over $400,000 per year plus benefits

  • Health insurance 

  • 401k match 

  • Dental Insurance 

  • Leadership Opportunities with additional compensation

  • Fellowship Opportunities

  • Assistance with medical license

  • Salaried or Fee for Service Pay Model


We're able to offer you these benefits by transitioning you from hospitals and clinics over to long-term care facilities. Our practice specializes in consistently delivering exceptional wound care and unparalleled bedside procedures to patients in nursing homes.

SPG Offers Passionate Physicians a Place To Pursue Their Passions.

Learn How Doctors Are Taking Advantage of the Work Hard/Play Hard Philosophy

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